Best & Useful Tech Gifts Under 100 Dollars

Tech Gift Ideas Under 100 Dollars

Are you in a need of a cool Tech gift that you can give to your family members and friends but is within your wallet limit there are some suggestions awesome cool Tech gifts  that are trending these days but our within your budget limits.

There are so many gift ideas on internet but the are not always under the budget, some are not that useful gifts and some are most expensive

Here are some of the top tech gift ideas under 100$

Amazon fire HD 8 tablet

amazon fire hd tab

tech gift ideas under 100

People very love tablets for watching movies or  reading but tablets these days are really expensive or if they are within your budget you will not get enough features that will fulfill your daily requirements is a display will not be good  or there will be not enough processor memory and clock speed, Amazon fire HD tablet is one of the best Budget tablet in the market and is under $100, so it is a best pic for us as a budget tech gift.

D’link full HD Wi-Fi camera

D Link hd cam

tech gift ideas under 100

If people are concerned about their security but as you already know the security equipment’s are really expensive they have been postponing their plans of installing a new security system at home so there is a budget security HD Wi-Fi camera that can be installed in the entrance or  other places of the home, the plus point about the gadget is that it is really high quality so each and every detail will be covered and you can watch it on your home screen or you can record it

JBL Clip 2 Bluetooth Speaker

jbl flip 3

tech gift ideas under 100

This is a high quality Bluetooth speaker that is highly portable and is waterproof,  even though it has a small size it creates a very high quality sound that that is really pleasing to ears, available in variety of colors and is is the best choice as a gift under $100

Sony PlayStation Classic

play station classic

tech gift ideas under 100

Even do this gadget has become old and obsolete,  still there are so many games that can be played on it and you can enjoy with family and friends,  if you will give it to your friend it will definitely bring back his or her childhood memories

Alexa Dot 

alexa dot

tech gift ideas under 100

Really confused what to get for someone then Google  home Mini can be a perfect budget gift, it consists of Google assistant it,  will With this gadget you can even power your Smart home, it also has a decent quality audio similar to a size of a mobile phone so it is highly portable.

Drocon Drone for Beginners

drocon drone

tech gift ideas under 100

Your friend will really be amazed if you will get a drone,  exciting gadget but the main problem with this gadget is that it is really expensive,  some are really hard to control, but when it comes to d r o c o n it is a highly portable easy to control drone and as a  high quality camera ID detail when it is in air

Google Chromecast

google come cast

tech gift ideas under 100

It is a device that can be plugged in to a non smart TV and  make it a smart and connect to internet and stream YouTube and other social media videos in high quality on a TV,  it is connected to your TV by USB cable and a port,

Huawei Band 3 Pro

band pro

tech gift ideas under 100

Person who is into fitness this is a perfect gift that you can give to them,  it is one of the most affordable high quality and that is available in market, it has built in GPS and can count exact heart rate  when your working out in gym or jogging

HP portable printer

hp portable printer

tech gift ideas under 100

You can use this printer get good quality photos and the plus point about this is that it is portable, You can fit this printer in your pocket and get pocket-size high quality printouts of your photos just wait connecting them to a mobile device,  just take a snap from the mobile device and take out print out from a portable printer

An Arm Band Phone Chase

arm band phone chase

tech gift ideas under 100

An armband phone case can be a perfect gift person who is active,  biggest problem for a person who does workout is way to keep his phone so by that armband phone case you can solve this problem,  this is one of a useful gift that you can gift to tech lover who likes listening to songs while working out

Phone cleaning kit

phone arm kit

tech gift ideas under 100

Phone is a most used Tech by people these days and it gets dirty most often due to fingerprints or  screen gets dirty easily and much more, gifting a tech lover this gift really surprised him because if he is a tech lover he must be definitely loving his phone


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