Gift for 17 year old Boy Who Has Everything

Gift for 17 year old Boy Who Has Everything

It is pain in neck when you are searching for a gift for 17 year old boy who has everything  because in this time kids become very choosy as it is the time where teenage ends.

Teenage is the time where your kid starts building interest an what he has to do with his life and is going through mental and physical change, so it is really important that you want your kid to have perfect surroundings

gift ideas for 17 year old teen boys

By building perfect surroundings i mean that providing him with the perfect gifts that will help him grow mentally and physically,

Teenage is the perfect time if you really want to make a good relationship with your kids as in the most chases teenage kids and specially boys are most vulnerable to get in the bad company and if you give them something that will show how much you care for them, they will also start caring for them and will remember their 17th bday gift for ever.

We have chosen some of the great gift ideas for teenage guys 17 you will surely love


ZHOPPY Night Light Bluetooth Speakers

gift ideas for teenage guys

teen gift ideas

  • Teens are music lovers and if you will give them a Bluetooth speakers they will surely love it. 
  • This Bluetooth speaker that sounds really good and has a lamp produces beautiful lightning affects and powerful music quality 
  • I am sure it is a perfect gift for teenage guys

Spikeball Game Set

Unique gift ideas for teen guys

teen gift ideas

  • It is an outdoor fun game that can be played Outdoors, Indoors, Lawn, Yard, Beach, Tailgate it Includes 1 Ball and a  Drawstring Bag and and Rule Book and is a perfect
  • This game is best  for boys and kids that love to play outside and you can even join them to have quality time with them .

OKOMATCH Gaming Headset

gift ideas for teens

unique teen gift ideas

If your kid is into gaming then this is a perfect gift option.

  • Gaming headphones are a perfect gift for teen boy and i have specially chosen this  because it consist 3.5mm Jack Over-Ear Headphone which are portable
  • It is very suitable for console like PC,PS4,Xbox and mobile

Drones with Camera for Adults or Kids

gadgets for teens

unique teen gift ideas

  • It is an easy to control drone that your teen kid boy will love.
  • It will be like a dream com true and he would be the center of attraction within his friend if he will have this drone.
  • He will surely learn new this and might keep it as a good hobby .

Casio Mens Watch

watches for teens

unique teen gift ideas

  • This is a perfect gift for teen birthday, it is a quality watch that your kid will surely love.
  • It is made from good quality material and is from a brand casio that is famous for its quality products.
  • It is a shockproof and water resistant watch that will last for decades

A gaming console

gaming console

unique teen gift ideas

  • There can be nothing better than a gaming console as a birthday gift.
  • It is a perfect gift for teen boy and he will surely love it, it is console on which he can play high definition games and have some good time with their friends

Tippmann Cronus Tactical Paintball Marker

teen gift ideas for boys

unique teen gift ideas

  • Paintball gun is a fun game and is the game that most of the teens like to play these days .
  • It is it has a compact body and can shoot multiple shots at one time, it is perfect gift for teen boy who has everything .

OWI Hydraulic Arm Edge Kit

Gift Ideas For Teen Boys

unique teen gift ideas

  • It is a hydraulic arm that need no electricity to run, it runs by vacuum.
  • This hydraulic arm consist of a 6 Axes of movement gripper that opens on any way .
  • Your kid will surely learn new things by this and it is also fun to play with.

Alarm Clock for Kids and Teen Bedroom

Teen Gifts

  • Your kids will never over sleep again with is stylish looking watch that has a large digital display that even displays temperature
  • It is available in many colors and sizes, so in my option it is perfect gift ideas for kids and they will surely love it .

Ultra High Capacity Power Bank 

best gift ideas

unique teen gift ideas

If your teen boy has every gadget he must bee needing something to charge it.

Here is a word class portable charger that can almost charge any of the modern gadget, by gifting him this never let him get out of power

Skate Board For Your 17 Year Old Kid

Skate Board For Your 17 Year Old boy
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  • If your kid is into stuff like playing sports out side like skate boarding, then this is the best time that you gift him a professional skate board.
  • It is made from bamboo and is used by professionals.

Anti Glare Glasses

Anti Glare Glasses
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  • Kids these days are always on computer or mobile phone and main problem is that this effects their eyes.
  • These glasses will protect your kid eyes by reflecting UV rays from entering their eyes.

Professional Kicking Pads

Professional Kicking Pads
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  • Giving him a professional fighting practice kit is the best option if your kid is into stuff like martial arts.
  • 17 year of age is the best time for a kid to start any martial arts training, so gift him a martial art kit if you want to make him a professional.

Phone Camera Lens

iPhone Camera Lens
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  • Giving him something useful like a professional phone camera lens in the best option.
  • This lens is a add on and can be put on any type of phone to get professional looking photograph.
  • It has an in built optical zoom that most of the modern phones are still missing.

Vans Men’s Slipped Trifold Wallet

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  • This is a tough durable stylish wallet that is manufactured by a famous company vans.
  • You should gift him this not just as a gift but as a daily useful thing

Bluetooth Music Hat For Teens

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  • Bluetooth hat is one of the most stylish and unique gift that you can give to a 17 year old kid, this is surely a unique and rare gadget that you teen kid can flaunt to their friends.
  • Trust me this is one of the best gift idea and i highly recommend this if you are looking for something unique for your kid.

Vintage Army Bag

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  • This is a sober looking bag and if you son is a outdoor lover than this is a perfect gift.
  • it is all weather bag that you kid will love to take with him in is camping trips .

If you have some of the suggestions or ideas you can just add below and we will surely add them to our list


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