Top Last Minute Gift Ideas For Employees Appreciation They Will Surely Love

Last Minute Gift Ideas For Employees Appreciation

Are you owning a company or an organisation and are looking for some good gift ideas for employees Appreciation ?

  • Corporate Gift is a necessity for your employee who works day and night for your company
  • A thoughtful Gift idea for employee is difficult as corporate gifts are expensive
  • You can customize your gifts with a logo or a branding tag of your company
  • Choose something that is useful for employees and they can use everyday

Impact of a employee appreciation gift

  • Appreciation makes positive impact on your employees and this increases their work efficiency and hence the profits of company increase drastically.
  • Employees are building block of company and if you are giving them gifts as a appreciation strengthen the building blocks and make company and work environment fun.
  • Happiness index of the employees increase by surprise employee gifts .

gift ideas for employees

Have A look at Some Amazing Gift Ideas For Employees Appreciation

Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer

  • This is  a useful product and if you will order it in bulk you will easily get it as it is not very costly .
  • It is a 17 watt coffee warmer that us used to keep hot coffee form or warm the cold coffee,
  • Easy to carry and  a very useful product for office and home.

 Unique gifts for employees

 Art Sculpture For Office Desk Decor

  • An art decor for table is a  surely a perfect yet different and it is  one of the  unique gift ideas for employees and they will surely love this
  • gift them on a special occasion like a birthday or gift of apparition for their hard work.
  • I  will look beautiful and your employees will keep it as gift of honor.

gift for employees


  • If you want to keep it professional then go for a pen,
  • As it is said pen in a most powerful modern weapon and is a best employee gift idea and they will surely love it.
  • An expensive pen is not necessary, a simple mid range good looking pen will work fine.
  • You can always add something else with pen like a card or even letter of thanks for working for their company.
  • This type of gift can also be give to your employees as Secret Santa Gift Ideas for Your Coworkers .

Best gift ideas

Apple iPod

  • This apple is something that can be given to an employee for its appreciation for ther work he or she has done.
  • It is an expensive gift but but can be gifted to employee who has done a great work.
  • This gift will surely motivate employees to work harder and give better results.

 gift for employee happyness

Professional Looking Table Clock

  • This gift for employee will work like a charm, just choose your budget and look for a beautiful looking clock.
  • This will look good on employees table and this will surely help them to keep track of time.
  • While doing some work like writing a blog they can listen to songs.

 Gift for employees

Laptop Bag

  • This laptop bag will look professional and can be used by employees,
  • Plus point about is laptop bag is that it is made from a premium material and is waterproof
  • You can give them as a return gift in the end of a meeting or event, this will look like act of kindness and will make the day special

employee return gift


  • This is also a perfect gift and trust me they will love it, you can gift them as a birthday gift or a return gift.
  • There are many types of headphones to choose from, just show your employees how much you care for them just by gifting them something the will remember for their lifetime.

 gifts for employees

Car key case key Bag Wallet

  • Yet again a useful product that your employees will surely love.
  • Managing car keys is really a tough job and it becomes really thesaurus when you have to follow a busy schedule.
  • By gifting this you will surely solve one of their major key problem.

 gifts for employes

Lunch Box

  • If you will take my opinion then i would prefer that you gift something useful  and according to me lunchbox is the most useful product in my list
  • A lunchbox  can be used by everyone and it is not that expensive.
  • You can gift them in may occasion like a Christmas gift and many more, just choose what would be the best and go on.

 Gift ideas for employees

Simple Yet Modern Looking Water Bottle

  • Yet again something they will surely love, these are one of the last minute employee gift that you can buy.
  • Trust me water bottle will work as a employee gift in any occasion.
  • Wrap it with a good looking gift wrap and then gift them.

 Simple gifts for employs

Leather Travel Organizer Bag

  • It is so true that your employees have to always go on a business trip, so they must be needing something where they can keep all their belongings.
  • This is a small leather bag is where your employees keep their belongings

employees happiness gifts

employees gift

Professional Sunglasses

sunglasses for employees

employees gift

  • There can be nothing better then choosing some professional looking sunglasses
  • Person who is wearing these sunglasses makes them look confident and it is really important to look confident these days specially if you are in cooperate world.

Good Luck Buddha Key chain

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  • Buddha is considered god of piece and giving your employees this as an memento of an event or gift is the best option for a gift ideas for employees appreciation.
  • The reason for this is that you employees will keep it them as a memento of good luck and  is even useful gift.

A smart Watch

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Smart watch is getting very popular these days and the reason for that is that there are so many applications that are being supported by different developers and this is a one of the best employees gift

Kindle Book Reader

Kindle book reader

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  • This is a professional gift and you can gift it to your co worker who is really special for you.
  • They will love reading millions of books online on their travel time or when they are free on their lunch break.

Stain less steel Cup

metal sipper

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  • If you want to gift something useful that will not cost you a fortune then this is the best option.
  • This is useful yet cheap gift that you can gift to your employees or co workers and yet another one of the gift Ideas for employees appreciation

Office Chair Back Support

employee back support

buy on amazon

  • If your coworker as a back problem or you at to make your employees comfortable when they are working for long hrs the this is the best option,
  • This will make your employees work more efficiently as they will sit comfortably on computer

Office Foot Support

Office Foot Support

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  • This office foot support is very useful and you can buy it for your self or for your employees as a gift.
  • This will show how much you care about your employees , it will be very useful for everyone in office.

At last like always i would again say that if you want to have a good relationship with any one, talking politely and helping someone and doing other act of kindness would surely improve your relationship with others.

If you have any other ideas then do comment below, we would surely add them on our list. If you want to gift something funny you can look for some of our funny gift ideas


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